Business Model

Comprehensive Cancer Centres

A comprehensive cancer center is a center which offers complete diagnosis and treatment (radiation, surgical and medical oncology) services under one a single roof. A network of comprehensive cancer centres helps leverage expertise and capabilities of teams of specialist physician across different disciplines and helps deliver quality cancer care across modalities to patients in different regions.

Our network of comprehensive cancer centres helps leverage this expertise and capabilities of our doctors and most advanced technologies thereby making high quality cancer care possible.

Select partnerships


We partner with local specialist physicians and multi-specialty hospitals which allows us to leverage the position and reputation of our partners in the local communities. Several of our partners are surgical oncologists who are interested in setting up a comprehensive cancer centre. We select our partners based on their expertise, reputation, patient base, ethical and value systems. Thus, we have managed to successfully create long-standing partnerships which are providing superior quality of care for last several years.

Hub-and-Spoke Model

Our unique hub-and-spoke model helps us to create an integrated approach to cancer care. We are able to successfully reach thousands of patients across India through our spokes located in smaller cities and Tier 2/3 towns. Our Centre of Excellence in Bangalore serves as the hub, which provides access to centralized quality control and assurance services, establish treatment protocols across the network, provides centralized treatment planning services and tele-radiology services and provides access to advanced technologies and specialized procedures. This allows our network to effectively leverage the expertise and capabilities of our hub and maximize efficiencies and quality of care across our network.

Our hub and spoke model has also been covered by Harvard Business School in the form of a case study.