HCG – The Specialist in Cancer Care

HCG is the largest provider of cancer care in India

HCG was founded by Dr. BS Ajai Kumar and a group of pioneering fellow oncologists, to realize their dream of making high-quality cancer care accessible to patients all across India, at atime when cancer care was available only at few centres in metropolitan cities.

HCG’s network of 17 comprehensive cancer centres across India makes advanced cancer care accessible to hundreds of millions of people, who would otherwise have to undergo temporary relocation or travel long distances for treatment at significant physical and emotional cost.

HCG’s comprehensive cancer centres provide all required expertise and technology required to for diagnose and treatment of cancer under one roof. HCG’s specialist team of doctors, including – radiation, medical and surgical oncologists, nuclear medicine doctors, radiologists, pathologists and many experts – work collaboratively to bring the best in cancer care to each patient.

HCG utilises the most advanced technologies and equipment for driving better successful outcomes. We have pioneered introduction of several technologies in the country and are amongst the first to introduce high-intensity flattening filter free mode radiotherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery and robotic radiosurgery, in the treatment of cancer in India.

HCG is expanding and 9 new comprehensive cancer centres in India are under development. HCG is also planning to establish cancer centres in Africa.

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